Who We Are

We are people who love to sink our teeth into reams of data
Spreadsheets, databases, screenscrapes, geospatial libraries and machine-learning algorithms - they're all grist to our mill.

Our Gallery

The Team

Gordon Love CAO, Founder
Robert Wright Senior Modeller, Big-brained Maths Whiz

What We Do

Creative Analysis

Insights come from new ways of seeing old data, as much as finding new data

Deep Data Dives

The richer the datasets, the more informed you can be.

Results focus

Our reports and intelligence are always focussed on your success.

Leading-edge toolsets

From geospatial to machine-learning, our technology helps us run detailed analyses frequently, fast, and error-free.

Client Focus

Analyses and insights for you and your decision-making

Custom Development

Bespoke tools and reports can be produced for your specific needs